We advocate for a strong SME sector.

imcoac - Improving Counterparty Access, or imcoac, is dedicated to bringing financial capital and management talent to small and medium sized enterprises. At the core of our mission is to help SMEs outlive their founders and succeed into future generations.

How it works

imcoac matches SMEs with high quality business acquirers using information shared by SME owners through the imcoac form. The process is:

  • Cost-free
  • Commitment-free
  • Confidential

The form takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, and includes the following sections:

  • Company Basics
  • Financials
  • Contact Details
  • Confidentiality

Members of qualifying business groups are eligible to use the imcoac form. This includes hundreds of regional chambers of commerce and trade groups. We’re growing fast!

Is your business group eligible? Check here.
    Who are the Buyers?
    • Looking to acquire a controlling stake of your company
    • Experienced at buying and managing companies
    • Active, growth-oriented management approach
    • Regional ties to the