Small business is big. Policy-makers often refer to small and medium sized businesses as the "heart" or "engine" of the economy. Roughly half of global employment and GDP is generated by the SMB sector.

It's important. Small businesses innovate, hire local workers, and spend profits locally, which recirculate in their communities. They meaningfully contribute to their communities' civic life by adding to its diversity, identity, and independence.

And it needs our help. An aging demographic of business owners, along with limited access to capital and talent are major issues that threaten the sector's long-term competitiveness.

To ensure small business continues to thrive, we need a thoughtful approach to business succession.

Our Manifesto

Improving Counterparty Access, or imcoac, is dedicated to bringing financial capital and management talent to small and medium sized businesses.

Our form is a cost-free, commitment-free, and confidential way for business owners to connect with high quality business acquirers.

Community Alliances
    Don't see your business group listed?
    Only members of eligible business groups can use the imcoac form. This helps us to be selective in supporting high quality small and medium sized businesses. As we grow, we aim to be inclusive of more business groups globally.
    Please contact us at if you would like your business group to be added the list.
    About the Acquirers

    Information from each imcoac form is shared with equity investors whose investment search criteria
    matches the business.

    These investors have the following attributes
    • Looking to acquire minority or majority equity stakes
    • Track-record of acquisition and management experience
    • Active,
      growth-oriented management approach
    • Financing in
      place for
    • Regional ties
      to the
    Contact us: